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Researchers Use SNP Data to Trace Zebra Phylogeographic, Demographic History

From the modeling, Sigismund and his colleagues identified a region encompassing northern Botswana and Zambia as the most likely source area from which living zebra populations expanded around 370,000 years ago. The region's two crucial features include the Zambezi and the Okavango, wide wetland areas that have been climatically stable over a long time scale.   The study also highlighted genetic evidence that the extinct quagga (Equus quagga quagga) was a southernmost variant of plains zebra, rather than a distinct zebra. Using a method based on the number of derived mutations between the quagga and the Namibia subspecies, the team estimated that the two populations had a coalescence time of 650,000 to 718,000 years ago. They also estimated that the coalescence time of the quagga and plains zebras is the same as that between plains individuals from different populations. The team acknowledged limitations of the study, including the small sample size of different zebra populations. An increased and comprehensive sampling of zebra subspecies could reveal further substructure and additional clusters not represented in the study. For example, the East African Rift Valley, is a known driver of biodiversity and within-species structuring, most likely by its complicated topography and climatic history.  According to the study, phylogeographic inference further confirms the valley's role as a migration corridor for the plains zebra. The researchers estimated that "effective migration surface and directionality analyses indicate a bipartition in the northwards expansion overlapping strikingly with the two main branches of the Great Rift Valley system." Although conservation agencies have used the morphological subspecies classification to examine populations, Siegismund and his colleagues suggest that agencies should supplement assessments with genetic analyses to identify population structure of relevance for understanding phylogeography, in addition to prioritizing conservation of genetic resources. While the Rift Valley acts as a barrier to gene flow in some species, the team believes the region can also play an important phylogeographic role by promoting long-term gene flow in zebra populations.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://www.genomeweb.com/sequencing/researchers-use-snp-data-trace-zebra-phylogeographic-demographic-history

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